Incubation Center-Sjbit



The KNOWX-SJBIT innovation Initiative collaborates industry partners to strengthen the vibrant culture of technology incubation center and ethical entrepreneurship. Our mission is to bridge the gap between industry and academia and establish a deeper connection and equip the student community and its partners to move powerful ideas from conception to products that create “Values” to humanity across the globe.

We combine opportunities for incubation center and hands-on technology innovation center and entrepreneurship education, building a dynamic technology innovation center culture across campus, and fostering a connected community of excellent researchers focused on global relevance and impact.

At incubation center SJBIT Technology incubation center and Innovation Center for innovation and entrepreneurship , we encourage students with entrepreneurial thinking, to come up with creative and innovative ideas and frame their efforts to start new ventures and provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to create new technology incubation centre and innovative start ups by providing required infrastructure and guidance. Through this center, we intend to create an innovation culture with awareness and give exposure to the students and have business incubation programs.

MISSION: Our mission is to connect the various Industry Partners eco system and equip the student community and its associates to move powerful ideas from conception to viable enterprises that bring “Values” and “Quality of Life” for humanity across the globe.

VISION: Channelize and Enable the students’ community to serve as leaders in the digital economy with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to develop, scale, and deliver advance solutions to real-world Challenges.


  • Incubate Entrepreneurial technology based Start-ups.
  • Confidences to develop, scale, and deliver breakthrough solutions to real-world problems.
  • Aiding as a connector across the wide range of student groups, programs, and campus centers dedicated to technology innovation hub and entrepreneurship. 
  • Facilitate networking with professional resources, Industry professionals, consultants, and advisers.
  • Identify technologies /innovations which have the potential for commercial ventures.
  • Promote and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship, and generally carryout activities that facilitate creation, technology innovation center and entrepreneurship activities.
  • Workshops/boot camps/events/publications.
  • We also lead several efforts to strengthen student’s ability to provide students with hands-on opportunities to learn about making, prototyping and manufacturing. These activities are delivered through industry partners and campus innovation hubs.
  • Filling gaps in the system through the creation of new educational programs, research efforts, and physical infrastructure that will position technology innovation hub to succeed for years to come. 

Core AREA’s

  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Embedded Systems
  • Machine Learning.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • VLSI


  • Associate with mentors and opportunities through conducting workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions
  • Get chances to work on live projects with the help of industry
  • Guidance from mentors
  • Frequently interactions from industry experts
  • Regular interactive meetings with industry partners.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with work stations, discussion rooms, conference halls, etc


Incubation Center SJBIT,   #56, 2nd floor, Pushpagiri complex       17th cross, 8th main,opp. water tank    Vijayanagar, Bangalore -560040

Phone: +91(80) 41735554 / 41735553 download