Embedded Product Engineering Services

Embedded Product Engineering Services

We as a team, provide a futuristic solution with constant innovation hence, there will be dual advantage, which includes product development lifecycle being minimised and the cost is effectively reduced. Our engineering services reduce the time span and hence products can be introduced to the market at the earliest possible time. We are known as the reputed product engineering services companies in Bangalore.

From concept building to an execution, we assist hence final stage of the product becomes much assured with better quality and can be considered for the reach of consumers. Design of the board, FPGA, BSP, middleware, firmware, development of applications, and prototyping of product, 3rd party solutions integration, services ensuring sustenance and final testing and validation services are performed. Our product design services are well accepted.

Knowx team is proactively and assiduously engaged in working on embedded systems and real time solutions arrived at.  Product development, engineering services from our team makes to finer results. The solution can be realised as the off- the- shelf components and can be conveniently plugged into system worked with customers. Specific and appropriate needs can be smartly tuned as per the customer's requirements. We provide services to small and larger companies and bring the change, with unmatched product engineering and software development services. Our team has a good working knowledge of every process and stages of manufacturing, execution methods in software, hardware and systems, clear work out and bringing reliableness in product and greater analytical skills to ensure the long term quality functioning can be expected. Industrial design engineering can be worked to finer performances.

Entire product development life cycle encompasses both hardware and firmware development. Our teams of experts have greater domain knowledge and possess an ability to deliver for global client’s requirement. From startup to big companies, our services can be considered. Our services can be considered for an entire cycle of product development, which include development of hardware and firmware. With planned efforts, we develop the product, which covers many issues relating to productivity, effective functioning, quality, high lifespan and reliableness therein. We are renowned for software engineering and project management.

Our Focus Areas

Embedded Product Engineering

  • Design of Hardware and PCB,Prototyping a product
  • Design of hardware and its development
  • Design of FPGA
  • Testing and QA

Software Engineering from Knowx team are:

  • Complete software development
  • Testing
  • Development of device and protocols, testing of embedded systems, testing of telecom products,
  • Signal processing in digital format and VLSI. 

Knowx focusses design requirements of the following verticals:

  • Semiconductor Support Services
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Hardware and PCB design services
  • Telecom and Networking
  • Automotive and Infotainment
  • Medical electronics

Knowx Innovations provides modern product engineering and design services comprising even board and FPGA designs. Along with, we are engaged in BSP and Firmware developments, Application developments for embedded systems, prototyping a product, production solutions, verification and validation. We are recognised company for finest product engineering and support.

We comprehend and make the best decisions for the finest results. Since, we are adhering to better quality standards, our services have been accepted with immense satisfaction. There is surely flexibility in the solutions we implement; hence desired customisation can be expected.

With experience of more than a decade, we are rightly considered as one-stop provider to many segments of industry. Our team’s technical capabilities, expertise in different domain, including methods of testing are appreciated. We help customers with better product usage and even flexibility ascertained with our customised solutions.

Hardware design from our team include single board, multi board system design and mixed board( analog and digital), processor and microcontroller based designs, designs based on FPGA, designs based on referrals, platforms of evaluation, designs with power optimised, designs of small form factor and higher density boards are expertly worked at.


  • Feasibility Analysis: Technical feasibility, BoM cost.
  • Hardware board design: Schematics and PCB Layout development
  • Prototyping: PCB Fabrication & Assembly
  • Testing: Board bring-up, Engineering Validation Tests, Design Verification Tests
  • Compliance: RoHS, EMI/EMC, ESD, Safety, Environmental Tests
  • Production and Production support.

Our Mechanical Design services help you conceptualize the product design and support the entire the product life cycle.

  • Conceptual drawing
  • Industrial design
  • 2D / 3D modelling
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Metal / Plastic enclosures
  • Drawing format conversion

Companies of consumer electronics can rely on us for an effective design and ensure themselves the possibilities in discussion with us. In medical electronics category of services, cardiac related procedures can be professionally handled by doctors and diagnostic experts. We help clients to prepare for the best course of action with our design services.

Our vast skills and experience along the line, makes us the reputed company in Bangalore. Our product engineering practices meet modern demands and hence greater supply can be expected.

Knowx industrial design offering helps in better production in your company and also improves the marketability of the product. Basically, product manufacturer and the product user are both benefitted with the industrial design.

Inquire us for product engineering consulting. We look forward to know your requirements and deliver the best services.

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