About Us

About Us

Embedded System Design and Software Development Services

Knowx Innovations Pvt Ltd, being headquartered in Bangalore has been in eminence since inception. We are advancing every year in the field of embedded system design services with collaborating software, pcb design services,constituting even design of systems and engaged in different software development, and hence we are recognised as the trusted company in Bangalore. Our commencement of services, during the year 2005 by a group of tech adepts with connected hands, took to the pinnacle of success. We are professionals with hardware and software background focussing on IT engineering  services and staffing services for IT companies.

We have been one stop partner for product development since we are extensively engaged in R&D and are capable of handling entire development cycle from conceptualisation to realisation of the product. Broad spectrum of solutions in design and development has eased the client industrial functions by lessening the process time. We are experts in different array of embedded system design platforms encompassing both technologies in hardware and programming. Our services are recognised as the embedded system design and pcb design product development company.

Latest know-how and practices in embedded technology and modern software development procedures are always aware of, put into practice and delivered for a better technological convenience, especially in industrial processes. We have in-depth expertise in different streams like developing embedded systems, Mobile app development ,IOS based app development, internet of things ,real time software for different domains, which includes multimedia, automotive, networking, telecom, aerospace and defence, cloud, wireless and education respectively. Our specialisation includes designing of systems, custom software development, firmware and driver development.

We abide to quality standards, evaluate and ensure that ultimate result can be benefited in terms of cost minimisation and technology, efficiency improvement, which actually becomes a boon to the company. We believe the quality process makes to satisfactory results in every task we undertake.

Embedded Systems Consulting

Many companies are relying on us since we have complete and comprehensive knowledge gain in embedded system design service, pcb design services,internet of things development  and we are equally taking utmost responsibility in discharging of duties. Since, we work with avant garde technology; we create a path for solvability hence modern demands in relation to embedded technology are easily met by the clients.

Our competencies in the area include :


  • Microcontrollers( 8 Bit) - PIC, 8051
  • CPU( 16 & 32 Bits) - ST Micro, ARM7,9 and 11, Intel x86 and Cortex
  • RISC - ARM 7 & 9, Hitachi SH 3/4
  • Analog devices, DSP - IT


  • Simulators & Emulators for different type CPUs
  • Protocol Analysers and Logic Analysers

Our expertise spans the following domains :

Automotive Related

  • Electronic Control Units, Automotive Networks, In- Vehicle Telematics and Navigation System and systems relating to entertainment.

Mobile & Wireless

  • Zigbee, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, WI-FI

Drivers of Devices

  • Porting, development of driver, testing and certifying.

Operating Systems (Real Time)

  •  Linux( Embedded), RT Linux and VxWorks

Development of Software includes

  • Dotnet, Android, Java, and IOS

Product Engineering and Testing

We are endowed to provide hardware and designing of PCB comprising of embedded hardware design, embedded software design to validation and verification respectively. Also, design of VLSI related products and evaluation services to help semiconductor vendors globally to consider the best course of action themselves. Testing is performed by experts, hence quality can be ensured at every process. Being a product engineering company, we have excelled with better skills in implementing.

Software Development

We are professionally involved in software development for the complete life cycle in Java, Dotnet, Android and IOS. Our work process is involved in the conceptualisation to final manifestation. Testing procedures in embedded software development services include unit testing, reviewing of code, testing of system, defect management with different software testing procedures and testing for security and testing for user acceptance. We are a software development company in Bangalore with an expert team of our well established organisation.

Internet of Things( IoT)

Industrial Automation with the use of IOT indubitably can be the finest application. Infrastructure including a network of advanced sensors, wireless means to connectivity, hardware, which are innovative kind can be the facility for machine to machine communication, hence process can be leveraged effectively. Metering solution for industries, arrangement of smart grid and automation to agriculture and enhanced monitoring in healthcare can be worked with our team. The technologies and platforms  we are considering are Intel Quark Processor, MSP430 (from Texas Instruments), Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ARM- Cortex and ARM mbed Iot kit is ready for availability. We are managing with the communication technologies, which include M2M: 6LowPAN, ZigBee, BLE, NFC and RFID. Our applications can make way for smart parking, monitoring of noise pollution, warning systems when managing traffic, effective, and smart lighting and finer waste management in the process.

Training and Deployment

Training and deployment solution for fresh engineers is provided with embedded design services, software development and PCB designing solution. Job based training provided to fresh graduates. web design,full stack web development, Our experts are keen in providing in-depth knowledge implementation to trainees, who wish to make a career in corporates. Learning process include complete embedded system development including programming associated with it. Training module developed by our own developers makes a way for a flexible and convenient learning. Students are exposed to theory as well as practice. We provide in-house training to fresh graduates along with professional skills taught hence making them ready for path to success.

Companies are relying on our hiring process since students are backed by extensive learning at our own organisation. We have gained fame being even IT staffing companies in Bangalore. Many candidates have continued working in renowned companies, who are placed by our own HR professionals. We have regularly handled contract staffing solutions in embedded, VLSI, PCB design domain and software development.

Over more than a decade, we have gained operational experience in Staff Augmentation Solutions, Contract Staffing, Contract to Hire Staffing, Permanent Staffing and IT Infrastructure Staffing respectively. Proud to express that, we have developed a vast network of industry people and provided them the talented people as part of manpower.

Contact us for a consultation in embedded systems, software development, Internet of Things,Mobile application development,incubation center,technology innovation center and IT staffing solutions.

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